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Terms and Conditions

Mobile Phone Warranty


Standard Limited Warranty

i) Your warranty period:

IPhone 03 months

Battery 03 months

Other phone accessories 14 Days

ii) Our repair process

Imak International Limited warranty policy is that any defective device must be returned back to our stores, with your original receipt which shows a serial number of your product. A job number will be provided to you. All devices will be fixed if possible. If we cannot fix the device, we will replace a new device which is equivalent to the value of the device that you have purchase. The warranty will start from the date you received your new device. The assessment and repair procedure may take 1-14 working days (depending on parts availability).

If you purchased from our online store, you can attach your original receipt with the defective device to our head office. Imak International limited is not liable for any transportation costs incurred in this process.

iii) Assessment Bond

When a device is booked in for warranty claim, an assessment bond of $45 (incl GST) will incur. This deposit will be refunded fully if the fault is deemed to be manufacturer defect. However, if the device’s fault is not covered by manufacturer warranty or no fault found, this bond will be used to deduct from any repairing cost that incurred (E.g. A phone is booked in, $25 assessment bond is received, and quotation of $100 for repair, you only pay $75 extra).

iv) The Warranty does not cover

-Ordinary wear and tear ( Defects or damage caused by: (a) misuse, (b) accident, (c) failure of cellular signal reception (d) exposure to liquid or moisture, fire, excessive exposure to direct sunlight, drastic change of weather condition or temperature or excessive dust (e) theft, (f) act of God, (g) drop/impact, (h) physical damage, (i) improper handling or storage, (j) modification, (k) neglect, (l) alteration, (m) removal/repair of parts or (n) failure to follow instructions of proper device usage)

-Corrupted software caused by full memory or any third party software, application, settings, or content installed into your product at any time

-Fault that happens outside warranty period

--Reduced charging capacity of the battery, which resulting from natural end of life process of batteries

-If there is a sign of tampering or proof of repair by an un-authorized person

-if the fault is resulting from the use of non-original accessories

v) Data Loss caution

It is your responsibility to back up data before sending your gadget for examination. Imak International limited holds no accountability for loss of data kept should it occur during assessment and/or repair process.

vi) Unclaimed Repairs

All products which are not collected within 50 days from the date of repaired, will belong to the repairer to be disposed, utilized as spare parts or sold to recover repair costs.

vii) Refund Policy

We do not have to provide refund if you have changed your mind of any particular purchase. We do not have to provide refund for repaired job done unless three attempts have been carried out to repair the specific fault; we will meet our obligation under the Fair-Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act to provide a remedy or provide refund for the cost of repair. Please note that the inspection fee is not refundable under any circumstances once the repair job has been conducted.

If you need assistance, please contact our customer care center

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